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Healthy Eating is Fun at Billy Kids

Katie Breden - Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Learning about nutrition and healthy eating is fun at Billy Kids. We are lucky that a former Billy Kids Educator, Jessica Rosman, is the creator of Kindy Kitchen, story-based cookbooks that inspires children to eat well by sparking their imaginations. Inspired by Jessica’s original rhyme and recipe book, The Watermelon Cupcake – Billy Kids enjoyed making their own watermelon cupcakes over the summer.

The Watermelon Cupcake Rhyme
I was craving something extra SWEET
The night I found the cakes,
Piled atop my kitchen bench -
All iced and freshly baked.

Cakes of all descriptions
Made from nothing but fresh fruit,
TOWERING to the heavens,
Making such a yummy loot.

There were tall ones stacked with mango,
And others with fresh fig,
I wanted to eat them all at once,
But I’m no little PIG.

Instead I chose the smallest one,
So pink and very CUTE,
Made from watermelon -
That's my favourite type of fruit!

I picked it up to take a bite,
When someone grabbed my hand -
Standing on the benchtop
Was a small and JUICY man.

Made from melon too,
He was quite a FUNNY sight,
Jumping up and down and screaming,
'Please don't take a bite!'

'These cakes are for a party,
And I made them all myself,
So before I lose my TEMPER,
Put that back on the shelf.'

I decided there and then that
If I couldn't have my treat,
I'd eat this little man instead -
He looked so FRESH and sweet.

His little baker hat
Was the first thing on my tongue,
It was made of melon too,
And eating it was FUN.

I ate his head and shoulders next,
And then his big fat tum,
I even ate his funny clothes
And little melon BUM.

Having eaten up the man,
Who'd been so awful and so rude,
I had a big SMILE on my face
And was in a better mood.

Kindy Kitchen Text by Jessica Rosman and Illustration by Nettie Lodge.

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