We are a small provider of Quality
Early Childhood Education and Care

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Welcome to Billy Kids!

We are a small provider of Quality Early Childhood Education and Care

Since opening our doors in 2008 we have provided an exceptional environment for young children. A place where they feel safe to play, find new friends and are empowered to learn.

That environment is created by our wonderful group of Educators, many of whom have been a part of the Billy Kids family for five years or longer. We have also been honoured to support a large number of our staff in their training to become qualified, respected teachers.

Similarly, it is a joy for us to see many of our children grow from babies right up to when they leave us for school. Along the way we often welcome their siblings and form a close bond with the whole family because of the relationships the children have shared with their Educators.

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Latest News

Healthy Eating is Fun at Billy Kids

Healthy Eating is Fun at Billy Kids

Learning about nutrition and healthy eating is fun at Billy Kids. We are lucky that a former Billy Kids Educator, Jessica Rosman, is the creator of Kindy Kitchen, story-based cookbooks that inspires children to eat well by sparking their imaginations. Inspired by Jessica’s original rhyme and recipe book, The Watermelon Cupcake – Billy Kids enjoyed making their own watermelon cupcakes over the summer.[more]

Billy Kids Bush Fire Relief

Billy Kids Bush Fire Relief

At Billy Kids we had an "adopt-a-koala" week in February. The children brought in donations and in doing so they received a small clip-on Koala and a special certificate. The funds raised are going to both WIRES and The Jamanee Gunya re-build to help animals and environments that suffered during the terrible summer fires.[more]